How should you blow dry your water color painting?

Sometimes it is useful to blow dry your water painting in case you need to. While there are some people who think that this technique can spoil a painting. However, you can use a dryer to dry up your paintings faster in case you need to without it having any effect on the painting. The first thing to remember is that the dryer should be set on warm and not hot. The dryer should also be in the low setting irrespective of the hurry that you may be in. In case you have a dryer wherein you can only use the air setting, it would be perfect.

Hold the dryer about 10 to 12 inches from the paper and move it across the surface at an even pace. Make overlapping strokes to ensure that no part of the paper is left untreated. Just assume that you are using spray paint on to the surface and you should be able to get the right movement. Sometimes you may be tempted to hold the dryer for a longer period of time at a spot that is relatively wetter. This is something that you need to avoid completely. Hold the painting from one end and also dry the back. This will help the paper remain flat and straight. You can also do it by lifting the paper slightly and blowing under from all sides.

While this is a technique that you can work with, water colors do not take much time to dry anyways. It is not like oil painting that takes more than 48 hours to dry up. So if you are not in a hurry do not try this technique. Just take a break for 15 minutes and you shall be ready to go anyways.



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