Simple steps to start using oil paints

Oil painting is another very common form of painting that is extremely popular. The easel should be placed in such a manner that you can reach the canvas without bending or raising your toes. Make sure that you have all the things that you need including paints, easel, brushes, turpentine and rags. Unlike water colors, oil paints have a very short blending life on canvas. This means that you have to be ready with the second color if you want to blend something on the canvas and not on the palette.

With all the material ready you can start to sketch what you want unless you are doing a completely free handed oil painting. The manner in which you paint will depend on the specific item that you are planning to create. You need to also make sure that you clean your brushes thoroughly before you change the color that you are using.

Oil paintings are often done in layers. You need ensure that you give your work at least 48 hours to dry up before you start on the second one. This will ensure that the coat is completely dry and that your second cat shall not smudge the first one. In addition to that you need to ensure that you keep your work in an area where it cannot gather dust and grime.

To be able to start doing some serious oil painting you will need to at least master some basic techniques that involve the basic forms like cone, cylinder, sphere and cube, understand the values within colors, understand the manner in which color and form interact and appreciate the fundamentals of distance and texture.



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