Water color tools

The first thing that you need when you are stocking up for doing watercolors is brushes. The basic minimum that you need is a 'round' brush. If you are not planning to buy a large number of brushes then a size 8 is a good choice to start with. Eventually you will also need size 10 and 12 at least. These brushes are made from sable, squirrel hair or synthetic material. But the best materi...


How to use water colors

As in the case of any kind of art there are various techniques that are used when you are using water colors for painting. These range from basic skills to advanced ones that one learns as one grows in the art. Some of the basic skills have been discussed here. The flat brush technique is one that is used to paint larger areas with a hue. To practice this skill you will need to draw a square or...


What is the wax resist water coloring technique?

The wax resist water coloring technique is one in which you can use was to create water color paintings that have parts that resist water colors. The materials that you need in this technique include a candle and various light colored wax crayons. This is one technique that requires a certain amount of planning in order to perfect. For example, if you were drawing scenery then you need to know t...


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