How to use water colors

As in the case of any kind of art there are various techniques that are used when you are using water colors for painting. These range from basic skills to advanced ones that one learns as one grows in the art. Some of the basic skills have been discussed here.

The flat brush technique is one that is used to paint larger areas with a hue. To practice this skill you will need to draw a square or imagine one as you paint. Opt for a darker hue since it is easier to see and use a one and a half inch flat brush. Add the paint and start from the top left corner. Touch the brush slightly on the paper and then make a sweeping movement to the right. Return to the palette after the first stroke and add in more color. Repeat the movement of the brush. The flow of the first stroke needs to add in to the second one. If this does not happen you need to adjust the angle of the board.

The graded wash can be created in a similar manner by making the first stroke and then adding some water or dabbing the brush on to a towel to reduce the intensity of the color. Continue this to get a reduced level of hue as you move towards the bottom. When you are creating the glazed wash, make sure that you allow each wash to dry before you use the second one. The wet technique can be created by slightly dampening the paper. This can be done by using a damp sponge or a spray.



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