What is the wax resist water coloring technique?

The wax resist water coloring technique is one in which you can use was to create water color paintings that have parts that resist water colors. The materials that you need in this technique include a candle and various light colored wax crayons. This is one technique that requires a certain amount of planning in order to perfect.

For example, if you were drawing scenery then you need to know the specific areas that you want to use the wax crayons on and the other areas that you think you would like you paint using water colors. So if you are drawing a picture with a moon on a lake area, then you may want to use the wax candle for the moon and the clouds and some yellow and green wax colors for the reeds in the water.

The effect that this gives is fairly different from a regular water color painting that only uses water colors. It also shows the viewer that you are comfortable with handling various kinds of mediums. The detailing that you can sometimes do with wax colors is not sometimes possible with water colors alone.

The reason why you use wax for aspects such as the moon and the clouds is because you can easily use a flat brush and create the night without having to bother about not touching the area where the moon and the clouds are. The working of these areas becomes extremely smooth and easy by just using some wax earlier.



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