What are some of the critical aspects of oil painting?

When you start oil painting, you need to know some basics before you even start with your first brush stroke. The first thing that you need to know about is composition. This is the manner in which you put the picture together and the manner in which you put the specific objects in the picture. The reason why this is important is because this is what will define the manner in which the viewer looks at the picture and the elements that shall be focused on first. The manner in which the eye moves on the picture is also dictated by the composition.

Color is obviously what a picture is all about too. The kind of colors that you use in the picture will define the tone of the picture. This is one aspect that can make or break the painting. Harmony in color is essential in order to ensure that the overall effect is likeable. Shading is the other aspect in oil painting that defines the 3 dimensional look of a painting. This is what gives depth to the painting and establishes the perspective. There are different ways in which you can establish depth.

The texture of an oil painting can lend a lot of character to it. The texture of the paints that you use can define how realistic your painting looks. The edge where two paints meet is a significant part in an oil painting. This is because oil paints do not otherwise mix too easily as water colors do.



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