Painting Tools and Supplies

The tools and supplies that you need for painting are based on the type of painting technique that you want to use. It is not possible to share supplies in most cases. Even in the most common types of painting techniques like water colors and oil painting, the brushes that you use for water colors and oil paintings cannot be mixed once they have been used. Spray painting is done by using a completely different type of paint that is presented in aerosol cans and oil paints are made from different pigment altogether.

The surfaces that one paints on are also different. While you are likely to practice some spray painting on metal, walls, murals and plastic, oil painting is generally done on canvasses and water colors use special water coloring paper. Irrespective of the kind of painting that you are attempting, it is a good idea to get the specific supplies that are meant for that kind of painting to get the right effect.

Water color tools

The first thing that you need when you are stocking up for doing watercolors is brushes. The basic minimum that you need is a 'round' brush. If you are not planning to buy a large number of brushes then a size 8 is a good choice to start with. Eventually you will also need size 10 and 12 at least. These brushes are made from sable, squirrel hair or synthetic material. But the best materi...


Tools for spray painting

Spray painting is not something that is used to paint cars and walls alone. It is also becoming an art in itself albeit to create larger pictures. You can spray painting on furniture, cars, houses, trucks and graffiti too. This is a n art form that has become popular only recently in its current form, though we are all aware of large frescos and paintings that were created years ago. The most si...


Tools for oil painting

The reason why oil painting is so popular is because it allows you to play with the paint for a while after you have applied it on the canvas. This is not something that you can do with water colors. Most of the times, oil paints are available in tubes. It is better to buy good quality primary and secondary colors and mix your own colors rather than to buy a large quantity and shades of cheap oi...


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