Tools for spray painting

Spray painting is not something that is used to paint cars and walls alone. It is also becoming an art in itself albeit to create larger pictures. You can spray painting on furniture, cars, houses, trucks and graffiti too. This is a n art form that has become popular only recently in its current form, though we are all aware of large frescos and paintings that were created years ago.

The most significant equipment used in spray painting is the spray gun. There are guns that use manual operation and there are the other hi-tech ones that use an automatic process. The spray gun needs to be moved continuously to ensure that the coat is even and smooth. There is also the HVLV or the High volume low pressure that is similar to a spray gun but it uses a compressor to supply the air. There is also the LVLP or Low volume low pressure that also works under low pressure.

When electrostatic charge is used for spray painting it is called electrostatic painting. The pigment powder is sprayed using opposite charges. The powder is then baked to ensure that the paint sticks properly. This option is more environmentally friendly since it does not use solvents that are harmful to the environment.

There are also airless spray guns that can be attached to a high pressure pumps. These help in atomizing the paint in different sizes. This option helps in better penetration and provides a thicker coat too. Other equipment that is used for spray painting includes electric fans, automated linear spray systems and automated flatline spray systems too.



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