What are some of the critical aspects of oil painting?

When you start oil painting, you need to know some basics before you even start with your first brush stroke. The first thing that you need to know about is composition. This is the manner in which you put the picture together and the manner in which you put the specific objects in the picture. The reason why this is important is because this is what will define the manner in which the viewer lo...


How should you blow dry your water color painting?

Sometimes it is useful to blow dry your water painting in case you need to. While there are some people who think that this technique can spoil a painting. However, you can use a dryer to dry up your paintings faster in case you need to without it having any effect on the painting. The first thing to remember is that the dryer should be set on warm and not hot. The dryer should also be in the lo...


What is the wax resist water coloring technique?

The wax resist water coloring technique is one in which you can use was to create water color paintings that have parts that resist water colors. The materials that you need in this technique include a candle and various light colored wax crayons. This is one technique that requires a certain amount of planning in order to perfect. For example, if you were drawing scenery then you need to know t...


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