Painting How To

Just as the numbers of mediums that are used to paint are numerous, there are various surfaces that one can paint on. On top of that there are also a large number of painting styles that exist and you can decide to qualify in any of these. With everything getting digitized today there are various newer forms of paintings and art that have emerged. And therefore today there are specializations in video game art, super stroke, virtual art, VJ art, street art, superflat and more.

There are also various idioms that exist. Some of them include allegory, bodegon, body painting, figure painting, illustration painting, still life, landscape and portrait painting along with Veduta. People decide the kind of art that they want to specialize in after having dappled with some of the forms in order to see what they are really good at in order to pursue the specific painting form.

Spray painting tips for beginners

Spray painting is a technique that interests many artists. It is also called aerosol painting by many and involves paint that comes in pressurized cans that can be released in the form of a mist. Spray painting can leave a smooth evenly colored surface if done properly. Aerosol primer can also be used to bare the metal or the plastic surface that spray painting is being done on. Stencils are oft...


How to use water colors

As in the case of any kind of art there are various techniques that are used when you are using water colors for painting. These range from basic skills to advanced ones that one learns as one grows in the art. Some of the basic skills have been discussed here. The flat brush technique is one that is used to paint larger areas with a hue. To practice this skill you will need to draw a square or...


Simple steps to start using oil paints

Oil painting is another very common form of painting that is extremely popular. The easel should be placed in such a manner that you can reach the canvas without bending or raising your toes. Make sure that you have all the things that you need including paints, easel, brushes, turpentine and rags. Unlike water colors, oil paints have a very short blending life on canvas. This means that you hav...


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